Managing land for plant diversity is a goal for most landowners interested in wildlife.  When invasive or noxious plants interrupt the balance within a native plant community, landowners are often faced with deciding the best tool to control the problem plants.  Although land managers would certainly like to limit the amount of herbicide used on their properties, this is often one of the best tools for correcting noxious weed and brush issues.  Additionally, new herbicide technologies continue to be developed within the range and pasture industry to more effectively control these plants with more environmentally friendly herbicides and techniques.  Herbicides also limit soil disturbance and provide flexible opportunities to selectively remove individual plants with foliar, stem, or cut stump treatments or to broadcast herbicides where populations are too large.  Keeping up with regulations, understanding herbicide labels, and knowing where to turn for the most accurate information can be overwhelming.  This presentation will start with the basics and build a knowledgebase about herbicides to impower land managers to make data-based decisions that will be best for the long-term health of their land.

Dr. Megan Clayton Bio