Private Land Stewardship (PLS) lessons are a series of free-to-access online courses which present wildlife and natural resource conservation topics in a fresh and engaging way. There are now over 15 lessons ranging from biology and ecology (as in “Anatomy of a Quail” and “Learn About the Western Chicken Turtle”) to landowner How-Tos (“How to Find Natural Resource Professionals in Texas” and “Learn How to Construct Wildlife Ramps”) and overviews of major conservation challenges (“Texas Bats and the Growing Threat” of white-nose syndrome). Each lesson features elements of self‐guided learning, interactivity, links to resources for more information, and a simple quiz to gauge understanding of key concepts. We will demonstrate how these lessons can be used not only as a new form of distance education, but also as a means of increasing the reach and impact of some of our most important face-to-face programs.

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