Don Coxsey

Don Coxsey has been a Volunteer with TYHP for 14 years. In that time he has run over 40 hunts as lead Huntmaster and taken over 216 new hunters on safe, educational hunts. Don has been instrumental in the support of TYHP by Bass pro shops and Cabelas. Their contributions to TYHP are over $70,000 dollars and the ubiquitous TYHP orange hats worn by youth and volunteers alike. The hat and now vests and patches are just as much a part of the hunt experience as are the outdoor adventures.

Don takes great care to get to know his hunters well before the hunt. He is absolutely committed to first time hunters. If you talk to a hunter or parent who has been on a Don Coxsey TYHP hunt you can sum up their experience with the most common response “best hunt ever. Don is the consummate TYHP promoter. He can regular be seen at booths recruiting volunteers, landowners and youth. He has hosted Huntmaster trainings in North Texas and is very active with the Texas paralyzed veterans. We are very proud of all of our volunteers and especially proud to recognize Don as our 2019-202 TYHP Volunteer of the year.

Don is a long time resident of Denton, Texas and although his Texas drawl does not reveal it; he was born in Oakland, California. He followed his Dad’s Navy legacy and served his country as a Soldier in the US Army in the Vietnam era. After his military service Don was in the boat business for 23 years and has worked for Basspro Shop and Cabelas for the last 15 Years Don is Married to his wife Christiane, they have a daughter Jina , and a Grand- daughter Hadley 6 .